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Solos & Ensembles

Held at Westview, the Solo & Ensemble Festival was established to address with authentic assessment Music Standard 2.0 Artistic Expression: “Students apply vocal and instrumental musical skills in performing a varied repertoire of music.”

Students perform one solo piece and play in at least one ensemble in front of professional music adjudicators. These judges provide constructive comments and criticism of the student's performance using official adjudication forms; and time dependent, will work with the student(s) after their performance.

Ratings (e.g. Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair) are given for each performance. Though the rating standards are set by experienced music educators, the rating received is less important than the learning process that precedes the performance. In addition, a “Command Performance” Award may be given by adjudicators for truly exceptional performances.

It is recommended that students have an accompanist for the Solo and Ensemble Festival during their solo performance. Freshmen are provided with an accompanist and accompanist rehearsal times during the school day at no charge.  However, 10th through 12th grade students must find/pay for their own.  

Command Performance Concert 

Mandatory for all GOLD musicians, this concert is held in the Westview Theater shortly after the Solo & Ensemble Festival.  Select (not all) performances awarded a “Command Performance” distinction perform onstage. The caliber of this evening's music will astound you!

Solo Ensemble Volunteers

This festival simply cannot happen without the support of numerous volunteers.  Both parents and students are encouraged to help.  Be sure to check the performance schedules and avoid volunteering during your students' warm-up/performance times.  


Schedule (2019)

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