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Marching Season - August to November

Formal Uniform

The formal uniform consists of pants, jacket, shako (hat & plume), gauntlets and gloves. The formal uniform is provided by Westview GOLD.

All students will also need to provide athletic shorts or leggings, a black t-shirt and long black socks to wear underneath the formal uniform.


Casual Uniform

The travel uniform consists of beige shorts, GOLD polo shirt, and black ankle socks and is worn for school events, parades and some football games.

The travel uniform is provided by parents and ordered from the Webstore. Students can try on the travel uniform at the marching band audition.


Marching Shoes

Drillmaster, Super Drillmaster or Dinkles Vanguard marching shoes are worn with the formal and travel uniforms. They are provided by parents and can be ordered from and

Shoes can be sized for fit at the marching band audition.

Marching Shoes
GOLD Sweatshirt_edited.jpg

Competitive Band Rehearsal Wear

Competitive Marching Band students will also need to provide all black clothing for evening rehearsals and a black (preferably Westview GOLD or Westview High School) sweatshirt for identification at tournaments. 

Westview GOLD sweatshirts are coming soon, stay tuned for updated ordering information!

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