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Register for GOLD

Follow these steps to register your student for Westview GOLD.


Registration is required to participate in any band, orchestra or colorguard group.​

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1- Register

Registration is required for all new and returning GOLD students.

Please fill out the online registration form below by July 1

2- Release Forms

Please download, print and sign the release forms. Forms are due first day of GOLD Camp for camp participants, or the first day of school for those not attending GOLD camp.  

3 - Sign Up for Gold Camp

GOLD CAMP is mandatory for Competitive Band and Colorguard, optional but recommended for Orchestra and Non-Competitive band.

4 - Order Casual Uniforms

All students, except orchestra, need a casual uniform (shorts and GOLD polo shirt).  Order by July 1 for GOLD Camp.


Email for help.

5 - Order Marching Shoes

Marching shoes are required for all comp and non-comp marching band students.  

Shoe try-ons will be available at marching workshops.  

6 - Support GOLD
Please Donate

GOLD's music and show excellence is made possible through our coaches.  

Donors get two weeks advance purchase of GOLD Show tickets! 


7 - Join the Boosters

GOLD Boosters directly support Music and Colorguard programs.  Boosters get one week advance purchase of GOLD Show tickets.

8 - Connect on Facebook

Join the GOLD Facebook group.  GOLD Facebook group provides the most up-to-date information throughout the year.  Parents and Students should join.  

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