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Concert Percussion

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Part of Westview GOLD Concert Ensembles (Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphonic Band), that involve indoor rehearsals & performances. Students are able to focus individually more on musical development, ear training, and get a feel for a wide range of percussion instruments. We stride for well-rounded percussionists! Students should have an open mind in trying less familiar percussion instruments, it is all designed to have them learn and grow as musicians. Students are expected to learn every percussion instrument, over the course of 4 years. 

Including: Mallets [2 & 4 Mallets, Treble & Bass clef], Snare drum, Timpani, Accessories, Drumset, World Percussion, etc.

Marching Percussion

Part of the Westview GOLD Competitive Marching Band that involves outdoor rehearsals & performances, high energy group atmosphere, and plays an important role within Marching Band. Drumline is divided up into 2 subsections (Battery and Front Ensemble) which require high technical skill, timing, musicality, group cohesiveness, and logistics.


Clinics & Rehearsals start in May and continue throughout the Summer. Students are required to audition for placement early June.



A subsection of marching percussion that works with the head drum major to control tempo for the rest of the band. Often needing high physical endurance to play music while wearing drums, marching, and doing general movement without losing tempo and musicality. Instrumentation includes Marching Snare, Tenors, and Bass Drum.


Front Ensemble

A subsection of marching percussion that is stationary in the front of the band and does not march. However, it still involves musical endurance, and logistical skills since the Front Ensemble is responsible for moving and packing large/heavy equipment and plays for most of the marching show. It typically involves a larger range of instruments including Mallet Percussion (Marimbas, Vibraphones, Xylophones) Electronic Instruments (Synthesizers and Samplers) as well as Auxiliary Percussion (Concert Bass Drum, Timpani, Drumset, Concert snare, Toms, Tambourine, Gong, etc)

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