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Elevate GOLD with RaiseRight gift cards

for everyday purchases like groceries, gas, coffee, apparel or dining out.

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What is RaiseRight

Conveniently Earn While You Shop


Join thousands of other organizations who've reached their fundraising goals

It's easy -- and it works. By using gift cards to pay for everyday expenses, each family in GOLD can earn over $1,000 each year. Imagine all the instruments, props, music, uniforms, etc., we can gain for the GOLD program! There's a reason RaiseRight has been a top fundraiser for countless organizations for over 25 years.

How it works

How it works

See how easy it is to buy and earn online with this example.



Buy a $100 Gap eGift card from RaiseRight, with 14% earnings. Pay with your bank account or credit card.



Your $100 eGift card is delivered to your online "wallet" instantly, ready to use or save for later.



You automatically earned $14 for Westview GOLD. Way to go!

Create your free RaiseRight account to start earning today!


Sign up online

Register for the program to get the enrollment code by completing this form.

Next, complete the quick sign-up form either on the RaiseRight website or mobile app:


  1. Select "Join a Program" and enter the enrollment code.

  2. Under the field "Who are you fundraising for" enter your student's name and WV Gold for the "group".

  3. Complete the fields to create your account.

  4. Enter and verify your phone number for 2-step verification to protect your account if you forget your password.

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Set up online payment

There are 3 payment options available.

1. Pay online with your bank account

  • From your Account page, choose Settings > Payment Options > Add Bank Account

  • Follow the steps to automatically link your bank account

  • There is a $0.15 fee on each transaction

2. Pay online with your credit card

  • Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted

  • There is a 2.6% fee on each transaction

3. Pay GOLD directly with check or cash

  • Contact Westview GOLD Gift Card Coordinator at

  • Orders using this payment method must be marked paid by your coordinator before the cards are fulfilled.

Money earned through this program go towards the Westview Gold Coaching Donations.

Go Shop

It's time to start earning and help GOLD reach its goal!

Shop 750+ brands

There's something for everyone with options for eGift cards (available immediately), physical gift cards, and reloadable gift cards. Filter by "Categories" to narrow your search for brands within specific spending categories, including Grocery, Fast Food and Home Improvement. You can earn up to 20% from the brand you are purchasing -- it's their way of supporting organizations like Westview GOLD. Happy Shopping!

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