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Westview GOLD's Instrumental Music Program strives to provide a highly enriching program for all our students.


Donations are essential to the success of this program!  


We Rely on Generous Families and Friends

PUSD only provides our two Music Directors, a half-time assistant, a classroom, and a very limited budget for basic operations.  The district does not pay for our professional music coaches, color guard coaches, competitive marching show and visual staff, concert music purchases and rentals, event registrations, instruments, equipment, and all the other expenses of such a successful program.  


To meet our expenses (annually ~$200k), we rely on our generous families, friends, and community members to provide annual donations and sponsorships.  

Annual Family Donations

Donations can be made in full or with a 10 month payment plan using the options on this page.  You may also pay by check to Westview Foundation.

Competitive Band - $625

Colorguard - $625

Non Comp Band - $375

Orchestra - $375

Full or Half Donations

Westview GOLD Instrumental Music Program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and donations may be tax deductible (please consult your tax professional).  

10 Month Payment Plan

Westview GOLD is in the process of updating our PayPal account.  At this time, GOLD can only accept checks to the white box in the band room.  This page will be updated once the new PayPal account is active.


Companies that Match Donations

Check if your employer has a company match program to help maximize your donation.  The following companies have provided matching donations in the past:






Wells Fargo

Hewlett Packard



US Bank




LPL Financial


For any donation or matching questions please contact

Open Donation

Want to Donate beyond the Annual Family Donation? 

PayPal account is being updated. Please donate via a check dropped in the white box in the band room

Gold Camp Payment

Don't forget to register for GOLD Camp in July/August.  Camp payments can be made on the GOLD Camp page.

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