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Gold Boosters

The Westview GOLD Boosters provide support and financial assistance to the Music and Colorguard programs, thereby sustaining comprehensive top performing programs at all levels.

The Boosters are much more than the textbook definition mentioned above.  While we are enthusiastic and certainly an important force supporting the GOLD program, the Boosters are another vital component to closing the gap between what district funds can pay for and the actual needs of a top quality high school music program.  Moreover, we supply the volunteer power to support all of Westview GOLD's activities such as field show tournaments, orchestra and band concerts and festivals, colorguard competitions, and fundraising.


Join the Westview GOLD Boosters and Get These Perks and MORE:

(Family Contribution to Music Coaching must be current)

  1. Your name in the Westview GOLD website and tournament program as a supporter of the program

  2. Advance access to tickets for the Winter and Spring GOLD Shows 

  3. Discount on selected accessories at Bertrand’s Music Store (in-store purchases only) 

  4. A vote on issues brought up in Booster General Meetings 

There are 3 Booster Membership Levels to choose from
Gold * Silver * Basic

See all the details of each Booster level

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