The Directors and Boosters will communicate at least two weeks prior to the traditional start date of August 8th if restrictions are lifted and we are permitted to have camp. All information below is for example only, and we currently not accepting payments for GOLD Camp.

If GOLD Camp is permitted Camp donations will be as follows:

Comp/CG - 1 student: $150

Comp/CG - 2 students: $300

Comp/CG - 3 students: $450

Orch/NonComp - 1 student: $100

Orch/NonComp - 2 students: $200

Orch/NonComp - 3 students: $300

2 students (different amounts): $250

3 students (different amounts): $350

Other: $450

Welcome to the GOLD Camp, where GOLD members forge new friendships, strengthen existing bonds, have fun, and train intensely together for the coming year's marching performances and competitions.

GOLD Camp is mandatory for Competitive Band and Colorguard, optional but recommended for Orchestra and Non-Competitive Band. Follow the steps below to register and pay for GOLD Camp.

Sign Release Forms

If you haven't already done so, please download, sign and return the release form at the first day of camp. 


Download Schedules


Reminder to Register for GOLD

If you haven't already done so, be sure to REGISTER for Westview GOLD. This ensures you'll receive GOLD information and updates as early as this summer. ALL GOLD students must register whether or not they will be attending GOLD Camp.