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Westview GOLD would not be possible without the generosity of parents and the Westview community.  Please help the advancement of music education and appreciation in tomorrow's leaders by donating today!​

Music Coaching and Competitive Show Donations

Non-Competitive Band and Orchestra please use the pull-down menus.


Donation amounts are prorated to each group's unique needs.

100% of Non-Competitive Band and Orchestra donations go directly to their coaching funds. Competitive Band and Colorguard donations are automatically split 72% to the coaching fund and 28% to the competitive show fund for simplicity.

Please use the donation period (one-time, divided over 10 or 12 months) that is most appropriate.

Full or Half Donations

Open Amount Donations

Thank you for giving what you can!

Donate Over 10 Month School Year

Donate Over 12 Month Calendar Year

GOLD Camp Donation

Each student's donation must be a separate transaction, even if they are from the same household. 

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